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Get advert from clients and place it here, we pay you 50% bonus, register with us today. This is an advertising website where you can advertise online and reach 1million viewers monthly. grow your business with online advert, every business needs advert to grow and online advert is one of the profitable and most affordable form of advert that will help your business grow within a very short time. With online advert at you can reach millions of people at ease. We also have Advertising Agency for Newspaper, Radio and Television, Website programming, Bulk SmS, Internet Broadband services etc.. Prices{ to get one million people visit your advert online in our website costs $110 or N55,000 its equivalent in your local currency while One hundred thousand online visits cost N10,000 . Website: Email: , Tel: +2348066917793, +2348089898608, +2348181970549, +2348070950549
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Allnet Affiliate Advert Partnership
We pay 30% for each advert you place because you are to get advert from

people and then place it in the advert site as a representative. We deduct

5% from the money we would pay you for each month you were not able to

place a new advert as an aggregator or an advert retailer so you need to

take your campaign seriously so that you will always have adverts to

place, this counts from the day of your registration are to get advert

from people and pmstration.

Kindly do the normal registration and send an email to

indicating your interest to be an advert representative for allnet by

sending us your username, phone number and locationn.

Everyone that can place advert is legible to be an agent
People that run cyber cafes are at advantage
People with personal computers
people that already run advert agencies
People that work in other media establishments

Allnet Affiliate Advert Partnership (A.A.A.P) is powered by Allnet Technology.
The aim is to spread online advertising across to those who cannot do it

on their own or too busy to do so.

Tel: 2348089898608

Block B29, Aguda Market, Surulere, Lagos.

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Submit Your Media Advert Rate

Are you a media personality such as marketer, Newscaster, Newspaper Publisher, Online blogger, managers of media establishments or related positions? We kindly request that you send your media advert rate to or whatsapp: 08089898608 . We… Nigeria

Advertise On Newspapers In Nigeria

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Thank You for advertising with us Allnet Technology, Block B29, Aguda Market, Surulere, Lagos. We are also an Advertising Agency for Newspaper, Radio and Television, Website programming, Bulk SmS etc. Website: Email: , Tel: +2348066917793, +2348089898608, +2348181970549, +2348070950549