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Advertise your business to 10 million people daily

Publish an Obituary Nation wide

Announce your church crusade nationwide.

Make a blast of your musical album to 20 million people at once.

Advertise your post UTME form and examination schedule to millions of Nigerians.

Blast your school admission announcement to millions of Nigeria

Buy millions of GSM numbers for you advert.












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Buy Millions of GSM numbers for advert.  

Welcome to,Buy millions of GSM numbers to advertise your business in any specific area of your choice.we are simply advertisers, we advertise your goods/ products, we make an open air publicity, campaign via the following media; Radio and Television, Newspaper, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Bulk SMS, GSM Network, Youtube, E-mail Marketing, web blogs. It is done based on you choice of advertising media. You may click on any of the links provided to see details or place order for your advert.

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Online Ads
Advertise on internet media such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Youtube, in any specific city/country of your choice. you can also place ads on Naija Top Blog Websites like Linda Ikeji,, etc,You can use this for your political campaign, announcement, business, etc.
You can use this medium to advertise your product on thousands of GSM numbers located in any city of your choice. When you place an order on this service, you make payment for the number sms you want to send, text the location and one page message to 08066917793 and it will be sent for you. You don't need to supply us numbers but if you have special numbers you may add them to the ones we are to send. report of sms delivery will be sent to you via email. See Details.

As a registered advertising agency, we have a commercially induced advertorial accounts with several online/internet based fore-runners that could produce six times of the result you could get on a normal or direct ads placement.

Dear customer, we are not talking about radio, television or newspaper in the above statement but specifically, we are talking about how beneficial it is, for you to advertise with us on our various internet advert platform that could give you a six-times result beyond the normal charges on audience reach as we have discounted advert accounts across the online advert platform.

Bulk SMS Ads  

Make a mass publicity in MTN network across Nigeria

Advertise to all Etisalat users Nation wide

Broadcast a voice message advert on Airtel customer care line

Advertise on Glo Network




Convert Your published hard copy book to an audio here.

Buy a software for audio book converter

Host a website at a very affordable price here.

Blast online, the arrival of your new goods.

Broadcast your up coming seminar to 10 million people.

Broadcast your school event to thousand of people in your locality via bulk sms

Announce your comedy event nationwide.

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