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Are you working in an educational institution? Get a subscription to Examinux for

your school sectional examination.
Examinux is an online examination software that can be used to conduct a

computer based exams at any level of education using the computers just as

CBT in JAMB, post UTME, WAEC, etc.

Set tests and exams for all students in your school at
Examinux based on the subjects or courses you teach in that school.

You can subscribe to Examinux today for easy examination conduct as a

Private Secondary school, Tertiary instution, Vocational Training Centre,

Tutorial Centre, Private Tutor, Online Tutor, etc.

it is a computer based examination
It has both CBT and Theories exam settings
It has the ability to collate results instantly
It stores records for reference purpose or future use.
You set your own exam questions at login as a school teacher or lecturer.
You have the ability to register up to 10,000 students in a school.
It has the ability to detect examination fraud.

It eliminates 99% use of paper in an exam
It Saves time in marking answer sheets
It saves records from fire outbreak
Records are stored in a secure server

Examinux is powered by
Allnet Technology
Whatsapp: 08089898608

Block B29, Aguda Market, Surulere, Lagos.

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